Dear Parent/Guardian/Sponsor

The University Management uses this opportunity to thank all our dear parents/guardians for their sacrifice in meeting the needs of their wards. May Allah continue to bestow His blessings on you abundantly.

University Programmes

We are pleased to inform that all our programmes are fully accredited by the NUC and other regulatory bodies e.g. Council of Legal Education (CLE), Computer Professional (Registration Council of) Nigeria (CPN), Architect Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) and ICAN as stated below:

In addition to the above stated, our Law, Political Science and International Studies as well as Business Administration Programmes had equally received full accreditation of the NUC.

However, any further enquiry on the status of any of our programmes should be directed to the Registry on phone numbers: 08030644731, 08027814584 or 08030889805.

School Fees

All students must pay at least 70% of their tuition fees on or before resumption. No student will be allowed into the campus unless he/she presents an evidence of full or 70% instalmental payment. However, parents are reminded that school fees could be paid through bank draft in favour of Crescent University, Abeokuta. The University will not entertain any form of undertaking in lieu of payment. Please note that the N30,000.00 fee for Computer Certification Programme is already incorporated into the school fees and should not be paid separately.

Late Registration: Parents are to note that after resumption from vacation, students are given up to six weeks for both payment of fee and on-line registration. Thereafter, any student that fails to register within this period shall be required to pay additional sum of N10,000.00 as late registration fee.

Extra Year Fee: The University will no longer grant rebate to students who cannot finish their programmes within the minimum specified years. Where a student has cause to spend extra year, he or she must be prepared to pay the full fee.


The University Management wishes to inform that admission process into any of our programmes is conveniently available on-line. This can be made possible with a payment of moderate fees.

Medical Test

The University is at liberty to conduct random pregnancy or drug tests on students.

All female students should make themselves available for the compulsory pregnancy tests which will last for four weeks after resumption. Any drug that is not prescribed by the University Doctor will not be dispensed.
Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

All forms of smoking, alcoholic consumption or intake of any other harmful substance are prohibited as contained in the Student Information Handbook. Any student caught in these acts would compulsorily undergo a drug Test after which he shall be summoned by the Student’s Disciplinary Committee which eventually may lead to expulsion from the University, having found guilty of the offence.

Smart Phones

The University prohibition on the use of smart phone on campus still stands. In the same vein, parents are requested to warn their wards against taking phones into the lecture or examination hall as reported case of stolen phone may attract stiff penalty.

Dress Code

Compliance with the University dress code is a MUST. All students must dress decently and corporately at all times. Failure to comply may lead to suspension.

Male Students

8. Male Students MUST tuck-in their shirts and put on covered shoes or sandals, but not slippers. Well-tailored native attire with cap is also permitted. In like manner, female students MUST put on skirts, long enough to reach the ankle, with blouses that cover the elbow, and not tight-fitted or sleeveless. In addition, their hairs must be covered at all times.

Identity Card

The wearing of Identity Card remains part of the dress code. Any student found without his/her I.D. Card may attract indefinite suspension.

Student with Children

In case of a child birth shortly or during the course of study, especially with students that have evidence of marriage, adequate arrangement should be made for the care of the child to avoid disruption of academic programme. However, parents are to advise their wards to abstain from all forms of immoral relationships to avoid loosing their studentship.

Hostel Allocation

Allocation of hostel rooms hinge on prevailing University policy of first come, first served basis. Priority may be given to students with health or special needs. In all cases, reservation and allocation must be backed by fee payment and early resumption.

Online Registration

Students’ registration are now done online at the beginning of each session in addition to the existing manual registration. The new portal will also serve as a means of payment of fees, getting result and examination clearance. It will also provide the ability to request for a transcript. Student will be required to pay an additional N2,700.00 for this facility.

Online Examination Result

Kindly be informed that the examination results for each semester is available online with the use of a password already given to each student. Parents should endeavour to verify the result of their wards by using the following procedures:
Log on to:→student portal→session→semester→matric→ password→check result

Efforts to develop the processing of transcripts on-line are under way.

Parent/Guardian Visitation

As stakeholders, parents are encouraged to visit their wards unannounced while on campus for close monitoring of their activities. Consequently, on our part, we require an updated contact address including e-mails, which can be used to send necessary information to you.

General Meetings

The next general meeting of the Crescent University Parent Forum (CUPAF) holds at a date to be announced by the executive through CUPAF platform. Parents who are not on the platform should contact the Admin on 08033301208

Refund of Overpayments

The Management observed that some students are fond of increasing tuition fees for their personal endless gains. In view of that, all parents are hereby informed that henceforth, no claim or refund of overpayment shall be made to students so as to ensure easy reconciliation of the University accounts. The Parents may call Admission Office 008027814584 for clarification purpose.

Graduating Students

Management wishes to announce that the Convocation Ceremony for this academic session would come up on Saturday, the 19th October, 2019 and would therefore want strict compliance to dress code and time for graduands during Convocation Day. Once procession is seated, no graduating student(s) will be permitted to enter the hall and failure to participate in the procession as well as other programmes of the convocation Ceremony (Convocation)on Lecture, will attract a fine of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira).

In Addition

In addition, all graduating students are to pay the sum N73,000.00 (Seventy-Three Thousand Naira) being payment for Certificate Scrolls, Convocation Gowns, Souvenir Packs and Alumni Fees.

Male graduands are to put on Suit with Tie to match, or well-tailored traditional attires with fitted shoes, while the female graduands are to wear long Skirt suit with a cape hijab to fit. Thus, it is compulsory for all graduating students to partake in all the programmes slated for convocation week.

Sachet Water

In order to make life comfortable for all our students on campus, the University has commenced the production of hygienic sachet and table water which can be purchased at affordable prices. In view of this, no student is allowed to bring in any other products aside from the University’s brand of sachet water.

University Bread

In a similar vein, the University now has a bakery which bakes bread in small and large quantities at affordable prices for our students. Therefore, students are not expected to bring in bread from outside as it is applicable in other private and conventional universities.

Resumption Period

All newly admitted students are expected to resume on Monday, the 16th September, 2019 while returning students are to resume on Monday, 23rd September, 2019 for 2019/2020 Academic Session.

Contact Us

For the avoidance of erroneous or misleading information, parents/guardians should make use of the following contact University Officers and their numbers:Deputy Registrar, Admissions 08027814484; Dean, Student Affairs 08033972690; Student Affairs Officer 08030889805; Head, Male Hostels 08183519027; Head, Female Hostels 08183519027; University Medical Director 07036763390; College Officer, LAW 08065254242; College Officer, CASMAS 08038362771; College Officer, CICOT 09028877382; College Officer, CONAS 08156224250 and Co-ordinator, COES 08023096646 Finally, the prayer for all our dear parents/guardians is that may the almighty ALLAH continue to enrich your pockets while we look forward to receiving our dear students in September by the special grace of Allah.


Yours faithfully,

Z. A.  Ajibola